Monday, 3 July 2017

"Comprehensive e-filing for Patents Update"

"Comprehensive e-filing for Patents Update" 
The current webpage lists the periodic updates done in the comprehensive e-filing module for Patents:

Name Update Release Date
Petition u/r 128 Addition of Rule 128 in "On petition not otherwise provided for" 2017-06-21
Segregation of different Petitions under Form 30 Seperate entries of Petition in Entry no. 46 (Schedule 1) 2017-06-21
Request for Withdrawal U/R 11A(3)(c) New entry provided in Form 30 (without fee) 2017-06-19
Filing of Response to office action New entry has been provided in Form 30 (both with fee as well as without fee) 2017-06-14
Issues with respect to type of applicant (NP/ONP/SE/SU) in fee calculation Provision of selection of type of applicant has been provided in form 18, form 18A, Renewal of patent, form 9 and transmittal fee 2017-06-12
Conversion of CS to PS under section 9(3) New entry provided in Form 30 (without fee) 2017-06-07
Request for Hearing U/R 84(2) New entry provided in Form 30 (without fee) 2017-05-29
Notify the Controller whether he will attend the hearing U/R28(4) New entry provided in Form 30 (without fee) 2017-05-29

  • New Unique Numbering System
  • The CBRs for all the e-filed applications can now be downloaded immediately after successful payment by the users
  • The Axis Bank Corporate login in the e-filing payment gateway is temporarily unavailable due to some technical reasons.The users are advised to use other available payment options.