Sunday, 1 July 2012

Recent Amendments:

- Due date for filing Annual Return for the LLP for the year ended 31st March, 2012 has further been extended to 31st July, 2012

- Change of shareholding pattern, with ulterior motive of gaining management control, is oppression By [2012] 22 302 (CLB)

- SEBI : Mumbai court could entertain complaint against a Kolkata listed company for fraud took place in Mumbai By [2012] 22 294 (BOM.)

- IT : Premium paid to insurer under 'Group Leave Encashment' scheme is out of sec. 43B ambit [Kerala]

- Appeal not admissible if admitted tax not paid; the defect is curable if tax is paid afterward By [2012] 22 235 (HYD. - ITAT)

- IT : Business of assessee becomes ready to commence upon set up of requisite infrastructure By [2012] 22 251 (DELHI)

- If comparables are selected to make positive adjustments only, such selection is unjustified By [2012] 22 236 (CHENNAI - ITAT)

- Awarding of contract to lowest bidder is not 'price sensitive' news for insider traders By [2012] 22 311 (SAT)

- CCI runs bulldozer over cement industry forming an anti-competitive cartel; Rs. 6,300 crores penalty slapped By [2012] 22 266 (CCI)

- ICSI releases Know Your Client norms for Practicing Company Secretaries

- Members may now upload their resume by logging in to

Prakash Verma
True Governance League